The best surprise

Last year was full of surprises for me, good and bad, but the best and happiest had to be Andrew proposing to me on our cross country adventure (more about that trip in another post!)

He proposed on June 23, 2017, while we were on the California Zephyr train heading to San Francisco. I was hoping that it would happen on this trip, but I had no idea, and it was perfect. He did a good job tricking me, and best of all, he got me on camera. We enjoyed the rest of our trip on a newly engaged high.

We’ll be getting married this year, on June 23rd =), and my goal for myself is to enjoy this crazy time, no matter what. There is a lot of planning to do, a lot of family craziness in store but I need to appreciate this time and take it all in. It will be a year of celebrating us and our love, and I embrace it.

Here is a collage of the two of us on the train, we used it as our engagement announcement pic. Andrew is not great at taking serious photos, so I had to get creative!IMG_1482

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