Sweet Adventures – Shortbread Society

It all started with the salted caramel banana pudding… my love for Shortbread Society.

Shortbread Society is a ghost bakery dedicated to shortbread desserts via the brilliant duo, Chef Scottish Francis, and his wife, Christine. It operates via pop-up locations in Manhattan, Astoria, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. Purchases can also be made online through Goldbelly and in-person at Butterfield Madison in the city.

I first found out about them via Thrillist; they were advertising the salted caramel banana pudding at the time (Yum!!). Since then, I’ve been a big fan and follow them on Insta (@shortbreadsociety). All the shortbreads and puddings are delicious, def. rich, but just pure amazing. If you are looking to satisfy a sweet craving, check them out. Here are the ones that I’ve tried so far.

Salted Caramel Banana Pudding
Golden Rainbow Cookie
Rhubarb Apple
Cookie Monster Chocolate Chip
Baileys Millionaire for St. Patrick’s Day 🙂
Cherry Blackwell
Original Granny Pearl (OGP)
Cadbury Cream Egg Banana Pudding for Easter 🙂
Birthday Baby Buttercream Banana Pudding for Mother’s Day
Nutella Biscoff Truffle

Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cup Banana Pudding

Queens Perennial- Flower CSA

I first heard about Queens Perennial through a friend’s Instagram post last year. The CSA partners with Luna Family Farm to offer flowers each week from May to October. I knew I wanted to take part this year because who doesn’t want amazing flowers each week!

I’ve loved all the flowers so far. Check out the beauties I received…

Rose Quince
Snowballs and Lilacs
Peonies and Crimson Clovers
Pastel Yarrow
Teddy Bear Sunflowers and Amaranth

Each week, I get a new bouquet and instructions on how to take care of it. Besides appreciating the beautiful flowers, I also enjoy learning about each one. Most of the flowers I’ve never heard of.

The CSA has four locations to pick up from (Astoria, Jackson Heights, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg). If you are interested in learning more and signing up for the last six weeks, check out queensperennial.com.

Date Night Success- Van Gogh Experience

I can’t believe it’s already the end of August. This summer just flew by. Date nights are hard to come by these days, with Covid and having an eight-month-old, but Andrew and I recently hit up the Van Gogh experience in the city and then had dinner at DiWine in Astoria.

The Van Gogh experience was mesmerizing. There were three rooms that looped the same material, but each room was different, and I experienced the footage differently each time.

Here are some of my fav pics…

Before we headed home to our lovely baby, we had a fantastic dinner at DiWine. Not only is the restaurant conveniently close to my apartment, but they have great food.

A little taste of the yumminess…