Brooklyn Bridge

I’ve been hiding underneath a rock for some time now and I’m finally resurfacing. Had such a great weekend with friends and family. Saturday, I braved the tourists and walked the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn and back. This is the second time I’ve walked the bridge and I got to say it’s totally  worth it. The sights, the sounds,  and the company, I encourage all my fellow New Yorkers to do it at least once.

Happy New Year!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a very long time now but I was always worried about what I would write and who would really read it. I finally decided the hell with it, I’m just going to to write! So here I am…

I love to explore new things, new places and meet new people. Culture, art, food, traveling, family and friends keep me going. The idea is that this blog will be my diary of all my daily explorations through life and for me to share my moments with family and friends.